Concise Oxford English Dictionary

The English Language in your pocket...

Experience a stunning and highly functional digital representation of the world's most trusted dictionary in the Concise Oxford English Dictionary by Prelude iPhone app. This immaculate presentation provides an aesthetic and highly functional digital display of Oxford's linguistic achievement. Weighting in at 63 MB, Prelude Mobile's full iPhone version of the Concise Oxford English Dictionary provides the content, speed and features intrinsic to developing a large vocabulary.

Dictionary Application Features:

  • Instantly loads definitions
  • Clear, concise layout and design
  • Maximum screen area used for definitions
  • Highlighted, "clickable" words for convenient lookup
  • Word history

Concise Oxford English Dictionary Features:

  • Contains over 240,000 words, phrases and precise definitions
  • Includes thousands of word histories, hundreds of usage notes and all word derivatives
  • Incorporates innumerable subsense definitions for most special contexts
  • Provides rare, historical and archaic terms as well as scientific and technical vocabulary
  • Updated with hundreds of new words including sub-prime, social networking, and carbon footprint